Although a native of Chicago, my family and I have called Bend home since 2012. Like many who move to Bend, I brought my career with me. For nearly 15 years I was an independent futures trader specializing in everything from equities to grain markets. To be successful in that industry I needed to research and understand my markets, implement a strategy, and then adapt as things changed. It is a very similar approach to what a good real estate broker needs to do to for their client. While these are important factors, it is the personal aspect of real estate that make it so rewarding. I love having the chance to help people navigate what can be such an exciting, yet emotional time in their lives. I think that it's my ability to listen and really hear what people are saying that allows me to connect so well. It is my goal to not only have a successful closing, but also a lasting relationship. Moving to Bend and watching my kids experience a lifestyle many only think of in their dreams has been amazing. I want to be part of helping someone else share the same experience.