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Shortly after graduating from Fort Lewis College in Colorado, with BA in History, I made the spectacular Gorge my home after marrying my husband in 2005. It is a joy and a privilege to live, work, and raise our three children in the Gorge. I am regularly filled with gratitude and am reminded of my blessings as I go walking, hiking, and biking in our mountains. I find peace in our beautiful forests and hiking is my passion. There is no better place to raise a family! I also find gratitude in giving and continuously seek opportunities to give back by volunteering in our community. A couple of opportunities that have enriched my life are helping out in The Hood River Warming Shelter and Volunteers in action for Providence Hospital.

I was introduced to real estate and property management by my father, who built homes, and mother, who ran the property management side. I've bought and sold homes in three different states before becoming a realtor and have always been intrigued by the thought of making a career out of helping other people navigate their way through the process to find their own special place.

Owning your own home is the best means of securing your future. It is one of the most important life endeavors you will ever do. If you are buying or selling I am passionate about helping you find out the facts and making one of the best decisions of your life!

I love helping people find their home sweet home here in The Columbia Gorge.


"You will be lucky if you find a real estate agent as competent andefficient as Camilia. More than just a business acquaintance, overabout of year searching for a property to purchase, Camiliabecame a friend and I have a feeling we will be friends movingforward. Camilia took the time to understand what I was lookingfor and went beyond the call of duty to hunt down the property Iwould ultimately purchase. I certainly would not have found theproperty without her assistance. As for the high ratings I've given,I am only speculating about Camilia's negotiation skills becausethe property I purchased, though not in the best condition, wasunder-priced; ergo, we did not haggle over details. Had theoccasion arisen, I believe she would have been able to demandwhat would be required. While I have limited experiencepurchasing or selling real estate, there was absolutely nocomparison between Camilia and the seller's agent. Camilia'sabilities far exceeded the other agent's disregard for what must becommon, accepted practices. From all I witnessed, Camilia hashigh ethical standards, most likely a common find. If you arelooking for a real estate agent in the area in which Camiliatransacts business, I heartily recommend you to her superiorabilities."