In life, I strive to make true human connections through my genuine desire to contribute my time and effort to helping improve the lives of those around me. This translates seamlessly into my real estate career. Nothing brings me greater sense of joy than knowing that I played a role in the betterment of someone else's life. I also understand that any success that I create for another person, in turn creates success for me and that the greatest successes come from building lasting relationships through dedication, honesty and hard work. My clients can except a smiling face, open and direct communication, the highest level of patience, trustworthiness, and the upmost level of competence in adapting my skill set to serve their individual needs.

Born and raised in California, and self proclaimed #1 fan of Disneyland, I started my career in real estate coordinating the transactional side of a small but very prominent real estate firm in Dixon California. This helped me to gain a deep understanding of the legal and logistical aspects of a transaction which in my opinion are two of the most important aspects that are often not given enough attention. From Dixon I decided to move to Oregon to raise my two beautiful children Bella and Logan, we settled in Lake Oswego and have been part of the community there for the last 15 years. After moving to Oregon, I made the decision to take a break from real estate to focus on my family life and the success of my children, In that time, I concentrated on my real estate studies, and became an Oregon real estate agent. I also spent my free time networking within the community both friendships and working relationships. Once I decided to refocus my attention back to real estate it was, and still is, those relationships that give me an advantage in the market. I have a wealth of recourses that I know and trust to not only help my clients and improve the buying and selling experience but also help improve other aspects of my clients lives that may be indirectly related to the transaction.