Hamid has 16 years of experience in real estate and owns his own interior design business. His background includes six years in the Italian navy and extensive work owning his own business in the fashion industry. He attended the Naval Academy in Livorno, Italy before graduating from the University of Pisa, eventually calling Treviso (about 20 mins north of Venice) home. This nomadic upbringing contributed to the many cultural influences formidable in his everyday life, retaining his fluency in both Italian and Persian. His primary focus as a realtor is to achieve an adept understanding of his clients’ needs, whether they are buying/selling their home or investing in real estate, and deliver based on those expectations. He loves the Portland area and would love the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals. His background in Interior Design and as an international deal-maker running his own business have equipped him with a unique skill set to navigate the real estate journey. This is most evident through his articulate and persuasive disposition throughout the sale process. Hamid learned the importance of hard work and discipline after receiving his Master's in Naval Navigation and Geology and has since embraced that same work ethic in all walks of life, most importantly as your real estate agent.