Ask anyone that has grown up in Portland and they will tell you that it’s an extraordinary city to live in. They will tell you about the incredible summers, beautiful scenery, hiking, camping, phenomenal food, and world-class sporting opportunities that the northwest has to offer. As a Portland native, Husband, and soon to be Father, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I’ve lived all over the Portland metro area. I was born and raised in SE Portland. When I met my wife in 2010 I was living in the Pearl District on the waterfront. When we got married we decided to move to N Portland then Lake Oswego and eventually Forest Grove. Once we decided to start a family, we naturally wanted to be in the community we had fallen in love with the most… The Overlook neighborhood of N Portland.

Real estate wasn’t my first career. I started in banking in 2000 and was welcomed into Mortgage Lending by the great recession of 2007. While that time was difficult, it taught me something very important. Even in challenging times, honesty and exceptional service are what enabled me to surpass my customers' expectations. My experience as a lender fueled my desire to get my real estate license in 2016. Now I can focus on my core clients, get to know their wants, dreams, and desires, and help them find the right property and location best suited to their lifestyle.

I know this city. I've lived all over it, and I've experienced so much of what it has to offer. Now I’m ready to share that experience with you.