With more than 35 years of experience as a sales executive, Jim Corbett takes a client-centric, holistic approach to real estate. “Your home influences every aspect of your life,” Jim says, “who you meet, what you do on the weekends, where you work, where your children go to school. Every relationship you develop is influenced tremendously by where you live.” A keen listener and creative thinker with an in-depth knowledge of the Portland marketplace, Jim is a tenacious advocate for his clients. Whether they are selling or buying, whatever the location or size of their investment, his clients’ goals come first. Born and raised in San Francisco, Jim graduated cum laude from Southern Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. An energetic, innovative problem solver, Jim turned his decades-long, successful sales and marketing career to real estate in 2003. Since then, he has earned a reputation as an honest and genial guide through the complexities of today’s transactions. Jim’s concern for his clients’ well-being and his absolute commitment to accountability is reflected in a robust repeat and referral business and his many long-term relationships with past clients. Jim Corbett is a strong communicator and a fierce negotiator. Specializing in the marketing and selling of close-in Portland metropolitan residential properties, he is a results-oriented broker of exceptional skill and unyielding commitment to best practices.