Kim Brenner has known since very early in her life that the most important thing for her is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Oregon Health and Sciences University after switching from a major that she realized would not give her enough daily interaction with people. 

Kim has always been genuinely interested in people’s individual stories and lives, and one way she feeds this curiosity is through travel. After some years of nursing she worked for a mural and decorative finish company that collaborated with owners of some of the finest homes and public spaces locally and around the world. Because Kim is naturally intuitive, she could work with clients, whether architects, designers or homeowners, to get quickly to the heart of what they were looking for in their design.  She is also gifted at helping clients marry their design dreams with the budget they allocated.  Many of the skills that Kim used and honed in her work, family, and volunteer life have been the very skills necessary to serve her real estate clients in the best way possible.

Whether purchasing or selling a home for the next chapter of your life, you can feel truly confident that Kim can guide you through the many moving parts in this process to make it as smooth as possible. Kim is a communicator so you can be sure you will never be in the dark about what is going on during your transaction.  In her free time Kim loves to be with family and friends and their “zoo,” which includes two dogs, a parrot and Harriet, the bunny.