I am a proud University of Oregon alumni with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. After college I spent 15 years in a successful career as a Financial and Business Manager in the accounting, retail and medical fields. After elevating to managerial positions, I developed an extensive background of personnel management and communication skills. At the University of Oregon I also met my husband Joe. Married for 20 years, we have 3 active boys and a goofy dog, Henry. Joe and I decided it was time to spend even more time together so we took a logical step and now partner in real estate.I worked full time while raising our first two sons, so I know what it is like to wear several hats at a time. After the birth of our 3rd child, my fulltime career changed to raising our 3 children. Fast forward 6 years, I was eager to get back into the professional world and so obtained my Oregon Real Estate license and found it easy to transition to the profession as my husband has been in the business for 20+ years.As a native to the Portland area, born and raised in Hillsboro, OR, I am very familiar with all aspects of the Pacific Northwest. I find it easy to be enthusiastic about working with clients looking to buy or sell homes in this beautiful state we live in.