First Thursday in Portland with Annie Meyer

Please join us this Thursday, February 4th from 5-8pm at our Pearl District location  (1321 NW Hoyt Street) for art, live music, appetizers and spirit sampling provided by a Crafted Life!

About our Evening with Annie Meyer and Crafted Life

We are happy to be displaying the work of artist Annie Meyer for February’s First Thursday event in the Pearl District. Her landscapes come from her yearly travels. They are of specific places, but with minimal colors and shapes they are more emotional rather than factual in content. She has an affinity for minimal landscapes, which she attributes to growing up in the Midwest, staring out at farmland with a few lines and few trees. Over the past 21 years, she feels that her work has evolved into what she considers an abstract sense of time and place, and with it she aims to translate the sense of identity she feels with these landscapes that are both from her childhood and herself today.

French Landscapes:

Since 1994, Annie has spent the month of September plein air painting in France. The paintings and ideas she produces in France are the basis of inspiration for a body of work developed in her studio during the rainy Portland winters. This yearly sojourn to France, a beautiful place where she has some time to think and paint, has singularly been the most important thing she has done as an artist to develop her work.

Oregon Landscapes:

Since 2005, Annie has worked on a body of paintings and monotypes based on the landscapes around the Pendleton/Blue Mountain and Palouse area of Oregon and Eastern Washington. She works there at the wonderful and inspirational Crow’s Shadow print studio.


Inspiration for this body of work comes from a collection of waterways that she visits or that are part of her life. They aim to capture the beauty and mood she feels when viewing skies and the reflection of that sky on the water.  She has been developing her water series over the last 6 winters.
All of Annie’s work is original and she has no reproductions. Annie welcomes commissions, and her body of artwork translates well from very small to several feet in size and varied shapes.

Crafted Life

Samplings will be poured this Thursday by Crafted Life. Crafted Life is a collection of artisan distilleries from the Northwest.  Each distillery brings its own unique interpretation to the creation of hand-made spirits and this company brings them all together in a unique membership for spirit lovers.  Members enjoy free tastings at participating distilleries, invitations to private events, release parties and monthly recommended cocktails.