February’s Third Thursday with Chet Malinow

Welcome artist Chet Malinow to our Lake Oswego’s Third Thursday.
As a painter, Chet is constantly combining different colors and mediums to create depth on a flat surface. He enjoys working with aerosol paint, oil and acrylic paints and uses tape, stencils and rubber squeegees to alter these mediums. With graffiti as a backbone for his style, he brings what he has learned from the streets to the canvas.
When he is not working on schoolwork for his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Oregon, he is creating something – whether it’s a new song on his piano, a painting, or a sketch.

The Pacific Northwest is a huge inspiration for my work. I go back and forth from Portland to Eugene. In both areas I have the opportunity to constantly be subjected to impressive artists and inspiring family and friends.

Please join us this Thursday, February 18th from 4-7PM at our Lake Oswego office in Lake View Village (310 N. State Street) for art, live music, appetizers and spirit samplings served by Crafted Life.