First Fridays in Bend and Vancouver

Bend’s First Friday with Artist Sue Smith

We are thrilled to be displaying the work of Sue Smith for April’s First Friday event in Bend, Oregon.Born in 1928, Sue is a California native now living in Oregon. Sue did not think seriously consider becoming an artist until she turned fifty, and then it became the only thing she wanted to do.  She returned to school, where she focused on abstract painting, and developed an appreciation for the artist’s response to what was happening on the canvas. She earned a degree in Art from Oregon State University – Cascades, as well as the Distinguished Student Department of Art award in 2005. Influenced by historical and contemporary masters, she paints landscapes and still lifes and has participated in numerous national juried exhibitions – her work is in private collections around the United States and Canada

I like the challenge of painting without being trite, a lofty goal considering how many landscapes and flowers have been painted over the centuries.  But a mentor told me to paint the concept not the object. And that is what I try to do.

Sue describes her work as an expression of what she is observing. She paints still lifes and landscapes and is attracted to a moment and the mystery in the environment that generates a narrative. It may be an open expanse of land, or moving water, but Sue finds herself drawn to the idea that someone stood there and observed it before she came upon the scene. It’s the same with still life: seemingly random objects, arranged in a relationship that suggests a human presence  and begs the question, who were they? Why did they leave these objects like this, or wander through this space? Like walking into an empty room and catching the faint sound of a lingering conversation. This is why Smith likes the Spanish Realists, such as Antonio Lopez Garcia, whose work is so intimately detailed and the total opposite of her own. It raises a curiosity, a human connection, things sensed and not seen.
Please join us from 5-8PM at our Downtown Bend location (821 NW Wall Street) for art, wine and appetizers!

Vancouver’s First Friday with Artist Kara Krieger-Mcghee

Artist Kara Krieger-Mcghee will be joining us for April’s First Friday event in Vancouver, Washington. Kara sees her art as a story of relationships – how light affects color or how a subject interacts with its environment. Sometimes it is a story of exploration with new techniques, ideas or media.

Through storytelling, I hope to inspire creative curiosity in others.

Please join us Friday, April 1st from 5-8pm at our Vancouver Gallery Location (402 W 8th Street) for art, wine and appetizers!