Upcoming October Art Walks

First Thursday in Portland’s Pearl District with Artist Teri Tompkins Read

Teri Tompkins Read is fascinated by nature’s textures and patterns, captivated by the colors and shapes and especially drawn to the interplay of light and water. Teri’s inspiration comes from travel, getting outdoors and seeing what is around her; she discovers new things, by looking harder in familiar places.

Taken individually, my photo might convey a whimsy, an emotion, a curiosity. Taken together, my photos should evoke movement and joy, color and pleasure.

Please join us Thursday, October 6th at our Pearl District Office (1321 NW Hoyt Street, Portland, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to enjoy Teri’s art, as well as live music, wine, appetizers and spirit sampling courtesy of Crafted Life.

First Friday in Bend with the Sundance Art Quilters


The Sundance Art Quilters was formed in 2011; members include Barbara Doust-Boggess, Helen Brisson, Dianne Browning, Julia Jeans, Kris Lang and Leotie Richards. These artists come from varied backgrounds but are joined by their desire to inspire, create and critique pieces. They individually focus on their own unique style as well as work collaboratively, all the while growing as artists and friends.  Additionally, all are members of the local chapter of SAQA – Studio Art Quilters Association.
Dianne Browning ~  Inspired by music and nature, Dianne loves designing in a large graphic style and creates patterns with lots of motion by using curved piecing (piecing or pieces?). Her use of silk, suede and decor fabrics gives her art enhanced texture and variety.
Helen Brisson ~  Helen’s work reflects her illustrative and graphic design background and her desire to take designs to the next level is often reflected in her dimensional pieces.
Barbara Doust – Boggess ~  Barbara enjoys using  her hand dyed fabrics to create abstract pieces, incorporating curved lines to instill life and balance.
Kris Lang ~ Kris’ creative style is to work intuitively, exploring unique embellishment ideas in order to create one of a kind art quilts.
Leotie Richards ~ Leotie listens to jazz music to get into a loose and intuitive state of mind, as she creates her abstract art quilts. Experimenting with fresh new combinations of color, shapes and lines, she incorporates both ready-made and hand dyed fabrics into her designs.
Julia Jeans ~ With a diverse background, Julia creates an array of unique one-of-a-kind pieces that depicts mood and feeling, using hand dyed and printed fabrics.
Please join us Friday, October 7th at our Downtown Bend Office (821 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to enjoy quilted artwork, as well as complimentary wine and appetizers.


First Friday in Vancouver with Artist Jennifer DeWeber

Fall Leaves at the Woodland Grist Mill
Jennifer deWeber is a painter, sculptor  and inventor, with a passion for light, color and painterly realism created in a direct painting method. She paints commissioned portraits, landscapes andflorals. She also does ink painting on silk scarves, designs greeting cards and has invented a patented plein air easel that is lighter, more efficient and easy to carry than standard easels. Now residing in the lovely Woodland area of Washington state with her childhood sweetheart and best friend Kevin, she enjoys spending time with her family, raising chickens, ducks, goats and one giant golden doodle dog.  When she isn’t reading books, having tea parties, or spending time in the gardens, she creates works that reflect her love for beauty in landscapes and the ever intriguing human face.
Please join us Friday, October 7th at our Downtown Vancouver Office (402 W 8th St. Vancouver, WA) from 5-8 PM, to enjoy Jennifer’s artwork, as well as live music and complimentary wine and appetizers. For more information on downtown Vancouver’s First Friday Artwalk, visit here.

Third Thursday in Lake Oswego with Artist Anna Porter

Anna Porter began painting watercolors in art therapy in 1994, and has been painting ever since. Her  paintings are directly influenced by her love of nature and photography, which became both a passion and profession later in her life.

I am happiest when I am painting and photographing outside, at one with nature. I carry my digital camera with me everywhere, capturing images that move me. I am also an avid gardener, and my flower gardens provide constant inspiration for my photography and my paintings. I learned how to paint using watercolor as my only medium. While some artists consider watercolor unforgiving and difficult, I love surprises! I love the way that the water and paint effortlessly flow across the paper, creating unique surprises within my paintings. Since then I have branched out to embrace other media like fluid acrylic, gouache, pastels, collage, photography, digital media, and even a sculpture or two; however, watermedia and photography remain my favorite mediums.

Anna has been an active member of Oregon Society of Artists since 2012, and has shown work in the OSA Gallery in Portland on a regular basis in monthly group exhibits. As an art student, her work was featured in the annual Sylvania Student Art Exhibitions in the North View Gallery at Portland Community College, where she was honored to receive multiple awards.

I am honored and thrilled to have my artwork displayed at Sotheby’s beautiful offices in Lake Oswego, OR in my first solo art exhibit titled Anna’s Gardens, from October 20 to November 16, 2016. The exhibit will feature floral paintings and digital photography from my artist gardens in Lake Oswego, OR, as well as from public gardens in the Portland metro area, and from nature. My hope is that my artwork will help people notice and appreciate the beauty that is all around us, and that they will experience the same sense of awe and tranquility that I do in nature.

For more information, please feel free to contact Anna at info@annaporterartist.com or visit her website at  www.annaporterartist.com.
Please join us Thursday, October 20th at our Lake Oswego Office (310 N State Street, Suite 102, Lake Oswego, OR) from 4-7 PM, to enjoy Anna’s artwork, as well as live music, complimentary cocktails and appetizers.