3 Reasons Why Pacific Northwest Farms Make Great Homes

Owning a farm is a dream many Americans have held right from the country’s birth. Fortunately, the United States has so much rich, productive farmland that achieving this dream isn’t difficult. There are enough farms on the market; the only problem is choosing where exactly you want your farm to be.

Redmond, Oregon

Redmond Ranch and Farm
While the Midwest is known as the nation’s breadbasket, the Pacific Northwest is arguably the best place to be a farmer. Here are three reasons why Pacific Northwest farms are great places to live.

1. Pioneer History

When you live on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, you’re taking part in the region’s agricultural history. Along with lumber, agriculture was the first building block of the Northwest economy. Pioneers who survived the Oregon Trail often started farms after receiving large areas of land for free or little cost. Settlers in the Willamette Valley—a prime destination for pioneers—created the ‘Organic Laws of Oregon’, which granted 320 acres to unmarried pioneers and 640 acres to married couples. The area is still an agricultural powerhouse, especially for berries, vegetables, hazelnuts and wine.
Although modern farms are more comfortable than the farms of the late 19th century, they still belong to the same pioneer tradition of self-sufficiency. You can easily grow all your own food and drink fresh water from clean natural springs on your property. If you want a closer connection to history, you can find a historical farm that’s been renovated. For example, this ranch in Central Oregon was built more than a hundred years ago, back when agriculture was still the primary industry in the region. With over 579 acres and water rights straight from the Crooked River, you’d have plenty of space to build on the past, into the future.

Prineville, Oregon

Prineville Oregon Farm

2. Nature and Wildlife

The Northwest doesn’t just have great farmland. All kinds of plants thrive off of the rich soil, leading to pristine forests and meadows with a diversity of wildlife. Elk, moose, deer and turkeys could all roam your property, along with a variety of birds, from barn owls to bald eagles. In other words, if you left part of your farm untouched and open to the wilderness, it wouldn’t be a waste of space. Rather, it would become a home for wildlife.
In addition to the abundant wildlife, there are mountains all over the Northwest, so it’s easy to find a farm with an epic view, especially of the Cascade Mountains. You could even buy property for your farm near the coast, getting the best of both rural life and coastal beauty.
The weather of the Northwest is also temperate enough for you to enjoy all four seasons. You can watch the seasons change without dreading a scorching summer or bone-chilling winter. Each season has something to love, from colorful autumn leaves to fragrant spring blossoms.

Culver, Oregon

Culver Farm

3. Outdoor Activities

Running a farm can take a lot of time and energy, but even hard-working farmers get days off. If you live in an isolated agricultural region, your recreational activities are often limited. However, in the Pacific Northwest, there’s still plenty to do in rural areas. In fact, some urbanites regularly escape the city by vacationing in the countryside, attracted by its amazing scenery and range of outdoor activities.
Besides hunting and fishing, you can go skiing, camping or hiking in the mountains. If you feel hemmed in by the mountains, you can travel west to the Oregon Coast to spend a weekend by the Pacific Ocean. Go sailing, surfing, or scuba diving, or simply relax on the sandy beaches. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel rejuvenated by the natural beauty of the Northwest.
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