Upcoming November Art Walks

First Thursday in Portland’s Pearl District with Artist Raina Stinson

Raina Stinson is an international award winning commercial and fine art photographer based, in Portland, OR. Her work has been published in magazines, books and exhibited nationally and internationally. She is known for her authenticity, creative direction, use of color and thought provoking imagery. With her gift of empathy and joyful personality, she is able to connect deeply with her subjects, thereby creating indelible images that excite and delight audiences around the world.
Please join us Thursday, November 3rd at our Pearl District Office (1321 NW Hoyt Street, Portland, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to enjoy Raina’s art, as well as live music, wine and appetizers.

First Friday in Bend with Artist MaryLea Harris

Local contemporary artist, MaryLea Harris, specializes in mixed media and painting. Her whimsical and colorful images of leaves and trees are outlined in creams and whites to analogize the interplay between positives and negatives in space and life.
In addition to her career as a visual artist specializing in painting, mixed media, sculptural books, and fiber arts, MaryLea is a parent, educator, author and founder of Pink and Green Mama, an award-winning arts and crafts website for caregivers of young children.  With over 15 years in the field of Arts Education, MaryLea has degrees in Studio Art and Art History from with an emphasis in painting and print making and holds an MFA in painting.

My paintings have three visual components that connect them: calling attention to detail by showing natural subject matter in a still state, flattening the image to a simplified silhouette, and introducing layers of color and texture.

Please join us Friday, November 4th at our Downtown Bend Office (821 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to enjoy MaryLea’s artwork, as well as complimentary wine and appetizers.

First Friday in Vancouver with Artist Earlene Holmstrom

Earlene has been drawing since she was a child, but she didn’t seriously take up art until after she retired in 2002. She tried various media and subjects, but none gave her the pleasure she finds in soft pastels and the human (and, more recently, animal) face and figure.

I feel very strongly about creating “original” art.  When working from photos, I DO NOT “trace and paint” or “project and paint.”  I believe these practices deaden my creativity.  Instead, my process includes the use of thumbnail sketches (notans), color sketches, and keen observation before I begin putting pastel to paper.

Please join us Friday, November 4th at our Downtown Vancouver Office (402 W 8th St. Vancouver, WA) from 5-8 PM, to enjoy Earlene’s artwork, as well as music and complimentary wine and appetizers.

Third Thursday in Lake Oswego with Artist Evelin Peralta Marsh

Evelin Peralta Marsh is a Salvadorian artist residing in Lake Oswego. Her paintings use acrylics and oils, with a mix of resin. These paintings have a heightened sense of emotion, with vivid colors and abstract imagery. Her unique artistic perspective draws from two very diverse worlds – the intense urban environment of El Salvador with a touch of the serene Pacific Northwest; she weaves together these worlds on the canvas, honoring her personal journey with grace and love.
Please join us Thursday, November 17th at our Lake Oswego Office (310 N State Street, Suite 102, Lake Oswego, OR) from 4-7 PM, to enjoy Evelin’s artwork, as well as complimentary wine and appetizers.