Portland, Oregon Homes With Great Gardens

Living in a city comes with many benefits. There’s excellent food, cultural activities, and fun events happening all around you. Despite these attractions, though, urbanites can start to miss the greenery and wildlife of rural areas.
Fortunately, not all cities are concrete jungles. Cities like Portland prioritize creating green spaces, so you can experience nature while still being close to all the perks of urban life. In fact, Portland ties with San Francisco as the third greenest city in the US.
That ranking is based on “the number, size, spending, and people served by municipal green spaces,” like playgrounds, parks, and community gardens. However, it leaves out one important contributor to urban greenery: the gardens of private homes.
Beautiful landscaping, picturesque flowerbeds, and colorful vegetable gardens can give urban homeowners a sense of peace, even on the busiest city streets. This natural beauty also helps to brighten the community and make the city air fresher.
Want to have a gorgeous private garden in Portland? Check out these homes with lovely gardens currently for sale.
This charming bungalow gives you comfortable places to sit and enjoy both your front and back gardens. On warm summer days, you can sip lemonade on the front porch, breathing in the scent of flowers blossoming around the front of the home. Or, for more privacy, you can relax on the lovely back patio, surrounded by greenery.
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Portland house garden
For more space, take a look at this 4-bedroom colonial home set on a large lot, perfect for a family. The yard gives space for kids to play, yet it’s still beautifully landscaped. There are even spacious garden beds along the side of the home, so your kids can have fun playing soccer or basketball without accidentally damaging the growing fruit and vegetables.
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portland oregon colonial home
This cozy cottage is tucked behind blossoming trees and bamboo shoots, creating natural privacy from the quiet street. In the backyard, there’s plenty of space to grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers. You can use the tiered garden beds, or plant a mini orchard in the stretch of grass. Then, when you take a break, you can sit under the gorgeous arch, covered with vines and blossoms.
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portland oregon backyard garden
This home’s backyard is great for summertime parties, outdoor meals, and artistic projects. You can enjoy an intimate dinner on the patio, then roast marshmallows in the small fire pit. You can even hang your artwork on the fence, turning your backyard into a natural art gallery.
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portland oregon unique backyard
Gardens can be luxurious, too, like private resorts. For example, the garden in this riverfront home includes a soaking pool and elegant details, like regal columns and a walled courtyard entrance. The home is also located in the secluded Dunthorpe community, nestled in nature with upmost privacy.
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If you want a wonderful garden but need something low-maintenance, check out this home’s backyard. It looks clean and detailed, yet it’s simple to maintain. The grass is professional turf, so it stays looking great with minimal effort. You can hold a barbecue on the back deck and be proud of your lovely backyard.
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Portland Oregon garden backyard
The beauty of this garden starts in the front yard. The picturesque landscaping, paired with the home’s 1940 Tudor architecture, makes a charming impression on anyone visiting or passing by. The large backyard would also delight a gardener or a socialite. The lawn could be filled with lush garden beds, and the spacious patio would be perfect for outdoor parties with dancing and music.
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raleigh hills portland oregon home
The architecture of this home works together with the garden to create an ideal setup for outdoor entertaining. The floor plan is circular and open, so when you open the double doors, the garden becomes a natural part of the party’s flow. Visitors can grab food and drinks inside, then mingle on the Italian-tiled patio near the bubbling fountain.
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This elegant 1905 Victorian home has a pretty picket fence and vine-covered arch as an entrance to the tidy front yard. The garden has blueberry bushes, a Royal Ann cherry tree, and fragrant roses, and there are garden beds for planting vegetables. You can set up a parasol on the back deck and enjoy the yearly harvest, fresh from your backyard.
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portland victorian garden