Top Home Security Tips

Buying a home can be an incredible experience for a lot of people. It’s a place in life where dreams of raising a family, enjoying backyard barbecues, and spending quiet evenings reading by the fire in your own house are fulfilled. And although a home is considered a safe place to spend a lot of your time with your family, there is still considerable effort needed to make sure it stays that way. So here are a few of the top ways to secure your home and keep it protected from intruders, so you can fully enjoy where you live with peace of mind.
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Install an Alarm System

One of the best ways to secure your home is to install an alarm system, like this one by Sabre. Good systems will have lots of protection options such as motion detectors, security cameras, panic buttons, multiple interior zones, glass break and entryway detectors, and loud sirens. Some companies may also include 24hr monitoring and will get in touch with local law enforcement if the system is triggered. As a homeowner, keeping your system armed and updated as well as posting signs outside the front and back entrances will be part of what you can do to make this a great way to protect your property.

Out of Town Planning

When you’re going to be out of town for a while, it’s a good idea to plan carefully what to do during these long absences so that your home is protected while you’re gone. It’s a good idea to put holds on newspaper, package, and mail service so those items don’t pile up on your porch, which is an obvious sign someone isn’t on the property at the moment or important deliveries could potentially be taken by a thief. Another thing to consider is arranging for snow removal during the winter and landscaping service during the summer, which keeps your home looking well taken care of (which the neighbors will also appreciate!). You can also use timers for lights, radios, or other items that give the impression that you’re home to the outside viewer. Finally, consider asking a trusted friend or neighbor to check for anything out of the ordinary on your property while you’re gone.

Door, Window, and Garage Safety

Investing in good doors and windows will provide that extra security and safety when it comes to protecting your home. A solid core or metal door fitted with a heavy-duty deadbolt and strike plate is a great option to consider for your entranceway and will be very difficult for a burglar to break into. Other options for doors that increase your security are wide-angle peepholes, putting a wooden rod in the door track of sliding doors, and of course, changing all the locks after you’ve moved in. Windows should have a secondary lock and kept secure at all times, and it’s a good practice, when opening windows for fresh air, to keep the ground floor ones closed. For the garage, use remote openers that have a rolling code, change the access code every once in a while, and replace keypads that get worn over time which can give away the access numbers.

Other Home Security Tips

Consider creating a personalized checklist or document for your home security that you go over with your family every once in a while, as there is a lot to remember when it comes to keeping your home safe. Here are a few other top home security tips to consider:

  • Secure your valuables and important documents in a high-quality, bolted down safe.
  • Password-protect and enable security tracking on all of your electronic devices.
  • Keep curtains closed when necessary to keep potential thieves from casing your house.
  • Use plenty of outdoor lighting to keep your exterior well-lit at night.
  • Get a dog and use locking pet doors.
  • Make your address visible outside so local law enforcement and first responders can find your property quickly.
  • Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places.
  • Be wary of door-to-door solicitors and team up with neighbors to be on the lookout for anything suspicious in the neighborhood.