Cascade Sotheby’s Brokers Sponsor Annual Bend Beer Chase

BEND, OR – The Beer Chase concept was conceived in the back of a 12-passenger van at 3am while the Cascade Relays staff was running the Bourbon Chase overnight relay in Kentucky in 2013. After completing a 6-mile leg to finish at Wild Turkey at 2am, Founder Scott Douglass was asked by a Distillery representative if he wanted a shot of Wild Turkey 101. Having just finished the leg and still on an endorphin rush, Scott replied, “I didn’t fly out to Kentucky to not shoot that Turkey!” Still choking 30 minutes later in the back of the van, a stroke of brilliance came to mind that Beer and running go together much better after a long run. The idea of running a one-day relay along the Bend Ale Trail to celebrate and sample the amazing craft breweries of Central Oregon was conceived and the Bend Beer Chase was born in October 2014.

The Bend Beer Chase, itself, is a unique, one “beer relay” featuring the region’s best brews! The BBC is a one-day six-person running relay of approximately 50 miles, consisting of 12 legs of varying distance (4-8 miles per leg). The course starts from Bend, travels to Redmond, to Sisters and back to finish in Bend, traversing the spectacular scenery of Central Oregon. Individuals can choose to only do the Keg Leg portion of the race if they do not wish to complete the relay portion. Each time you exchange at a brewery, you will have the option to enjoy a 3-4 oz sample of beer.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of a relay like the Bend Beer Chase is the team aspect of running an event like this provides. Running is often a solitary sport, but in a relay, it’s all about your team. After the relay portion of the race then teams have the opportunity to run together through some of Bend’s best breweries. Teams get in to the spirit by creating elaborate team names and themes, wearing matching outfits, participating in contests, having spontaneous dance parties, cheering on fellow runners, and decorating their vans. The Bend Beer Chase is a race, a celebration, and a vacation all wrapped up in one day of running.

Stephanie Ruiz and Jordan Grandlund, Brokers with Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, are 4th year sponsors of the relay. Ruiz says “The Ruiz + Grandlund team at Cascade Sotheby’s is a proud sponsor of Cascade Relays and the Bend Beer Chase. Jordan and I are extremely passionate in our support of friends and local small businesses, especially when there is a charitable component involved.” View Stephanie Ruiz’ listings. View Jordan Grandlund’s listings.

One day, one van, six friends, twelve legs, 12-20 craft breweries hosting exchange points where runners sample their amazing craft. Seriously, what could be better? The countdown to race day is on – June 2!

Cascade Relays is a small, family-run business based in Bend, Oregon. Founders Scott and Carrie Douglass grew up in Bend, met in 6th grade and eventually married five days before the inaugural Cascade Lakes Relay in August 2008. Working closely together, Scott & Carrie are focused on the Cascade Relays Family, including the loyal participants, dedicated staff and volunteers, and local communities that contribute to the success of Cascade Relays events. Cascade Relays currently produces the Cascade Lakes Relay and The Beer Chase Series – with local one-day relays in Bend, San Diego, Coeur d’Alene, and Boulder.