Cascade Sotheby’s Seizes Market Share in Farm, Ranch and Vineyard Division

Bend, OR – In 2017 Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty hit $1.3 billion in closed sales thanks in part to its robust growth and expansion in farm, ranch and vineyard properties. With growing demand from out-of-state buyers looking to Oregon’s farms, ranches and vineyards for spacious production and recreational properties, Cascade Sotheby’s Farm, Ranch and Vineyard division is booming: the division’s revenue has climbed from $122,165,000 in 2014 to over $200,000,000 in 2018. The average sales price has increased from $2.3 million to over $2.7 million for these working properties throughout Oregon.

FRV - Winery
Part of that growth and volume comes from the brokerage’s unique expertise in the sales and marketing of acreage properties like farms and ranches. Cascade Sotheby’s elite farm, ranch and vineyard team now has 20 dedicated brokers throughout the state of Oregon.  These experienced Brokers have knowledge in agriculture, livestock, soil analysis, hop farming, vineyards, recreational properties, equestrian properties, farm and ranch, fly-fishing, land use, water rights, tax benefits and more.

FRV - Vineyard
Many of these Farm, Ranch and Vineyard Brokers at Cascade Sotheby’s have worked as ranchers, farmers, equestrians, and vintners and bring their diverse talents to Cascade Sotheby’s clients looking to buy or sell extraordinary rural properties.

FRV Lodge
“We are Oregonians; we’ve been raised here on the land, riding horses, hunting and fishing—we have extensive backgrounds in ranching and we understand livestock, farming, septic and irrigation considerations, State and Federal laws, land use and the lifestyle,” says Patty Cordoni, long-time broker with Cascade Sotheby’s and manager of the renowned Farm, Ranch and Vineyard Division. “Cascade Sotheby’s brokers understand what buyers are looking for whether it’s a working ranch in Pendleton, an award-winning vineyard in the Willamette Valley, a recreational property with access to fly fishing, or an equestrian property. Our brokers are setting the standard for knowledge about working properties and what prospective landowners are looking for.”

FRV - Land

Introducing New Farm and Ranch Brokers in Southern Oregon

Now, the brokerage is recruiting expert talent in Southern Oregon’s emerging destination wine country: Cascade Sotheby’s welcomes the region’s top-producing rural broker, Alan DeVries, to its elite team of farm, ranch and vineyard real estate experts. DeVries, who specializes in vineyard sales and last year alone sold $22 million in properties in addition to supporting the sale of Troon Vineyard, leads Cascade Sotheby’s new farm, ranch, vineyard listings in Southern Oregon with over $22m in active listings. He also recently closed the sale on four properties in Medford and multiple properties in Jacksonville and Klamath Falls.

DeVries Team
Cascade Sotheby’s prides itself on recruiting broker experts in working properties with backgrounds in ranching, the outdoors, diverse land and terrain, irrigation and all of the lifestyle and culture nuances that come with that. The brokerage recently welcomed veteran rancher Matthew Cook and professional jet boat operator, outdoor guide and outfitter Mike Lee to its elite team of farm, ranch and vineyard brokers. The brokers have been immersed in experiential learning that offers the background and expertise they need to better serve clients looking for rural properties.

The Brokerage Has Also Expanded its Presence in Eastern Oregon with New Listings in Prineville, Joseph, Post, Ashwood, Diamond, Canyon City and Dempsey.

Purchasing farm, ranch or land properties in Oregon and SW Washington offers a myriad of opportunities. Every farm and ranch has a unique story whether it be an equestrian or livestock ranch, hay and seed property or award-winning vineyard. As unique as the land, so are the experiences of the specialists who work these types of properties.

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At Home in the Vines

On his very first visit to Oregon, Rollin Soles fell in love with the Willamette Valley. “I knew in my heart that this is where I belonged.”

That fateful trip happened almost four decades ago, in 1979. Soles was born and raised in Euless, Texas, and earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Texas A&M and a master’s degree in enology and viticulture at the University of California at Davis. His love of the science of grape-growing and winemaking were firmly in place by the time he first set foot in Oregon. Now, he knew exactly where he wanted to grow his grapes and make his wine.

“The next years were a dive to get vineyard and wine experience,” he recalled. “I came up with a plan to grow grapes and make wine in the Willamette Valley.”

In 1986, Soles came to Oregon for good. He purchased land near Newberg the following year, a gorgeous piece of property that drapes down the southwestern slope of the Chehalem Mountain Range at 400 feet elevation. The land would be ideal for growing wine grapes. But planting it would have to wait. Soles was already deeply immersed in another project—Argyle Winery, which he founded in Dundee in 1987.

Roco Winery Owners
Argyle would go on to become one of the most celebrated wineries in the state—arguably, in the nation. But these were early days, long before the Willamette Valley was proven as an ideal place to grow pinot noir, or even before pinot noir was a well-known wine varietal, renowned by critics and beloved by wine lovers. “My joke was that one small California winery produced all of the pinot noir that America drank,” said Soles, who is as known for his wit as he is for his handlebar mustache and cowboy hat.

“We had an extra tough time of it,” continued Soles, speaking not only of his experience but that of all the winemakers in the region. The rich soils of the Willamette Valley were perfect for growing pinot noir. But the vineyards had to be established from scratch. Experimentation was required, which led to failures and new beginnings. “It blows my mind what we were up against. There were so many strikes against us. But there was nobody more creative, with more passion, than Willamette Valley winemakers.”

The collaboration and companionship within the Willamette Valley winemaking community through those early years is what Soles credits with his survival, and that of others, followed by the subsequent development of the region as a verifiable destination. “We always made space in our lives to lift all of us up at one time. We started doing things collectively that would make Americans like pinot noir. All of the hard work was totally worth it,” he said. “Working together—it was phenomenally gratifying and always had an authentic ring of togetherness.”

Argyle grew to an undeniable success, producing dozens of award-winning wines, focusing on sparkling chardonnays and pinot noirs. Soles could easily have rested on his laurels, winding down the years in the barrel room of Argyle. But his Chehalem Mountain land was calling to him. He and his wife Corby had never even gotten around to planting a vineyard, and the land lay in wait.

Roco Winery Vineyard
“Sometimes there are good things about not having immediate gratification,” said Soles. In the decades that had passed, the wine industry had dramatically changed. “At that point, viticulture had completely utterly improved. And, I’d been farming for twenty-five years.”

In 2001, Rollin and Corby planted the Wits’ End Vineyard on what would become ROCO Winery (RO for Rollin and CO for Corby). “I was able to work with clones I’d used for decades,” said Soles. “I planted on root stocks—we never would have dreamed of doing that in the 1980s. We planted rows with close spacing, which means more leaves, which absorb more sunlight.”

The grapes were pinot noir; the wine was excellent. Two years later, ROCO Winery produced the first vintage of Private Stash pinot noir, showcasing the very best of Rollin’s small-lot winemaking skills in a bottle that was eventually served in the White House. “We were so lucky that we didn’t plant until 2001,” he said. “We ended up getting the best out of the Wits’ End Vineyard.”

Roco Winery Tasting
Again, success was in hand. Again, Soles could have simply continued doing what he was doing, but innovation is in his blood. “With ROCO, the saying ‘never say never’ has never been more true,” he said. “I was just going to make pinot noir. But then Corby said, ‘I kind of like chardonnay.’ So, we planted chardonnay. We began doing new things with sparkling wine. Then we made a tiny bit of rosé.” He laughed, marveling at the journey he’s taken and continues to take. “We’re releasing the first ever ROCO rosé this year! I call it ‘mission creep’. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and tweak it, give it the unique ROCO style.”

After more than three decades of growing wine businesses from bare earth, marketing wines to the world, adapting and changing and growing, one singular challenge has been a constant for Soles. “The weather,” he said. “The weather of the Willamette Valley has been the most challenging aspect of my work here. The growing seasons are so different in the Willamette Valley, from one to the next.”

Roco Winery Barrels
And yet, ever the seeker of challenge and innovation, Soles sees the flip side of his primary antagonist. “It’s caused me to be a better grape-grower and winemaker. Without the weather, I wouldn’t have attained the same level of excitement. If we have an easy growing season, I love them, but then I feel a tinge of disappointment that I didn’t get to go toe-to-toe with nature and respond.”

As the Willamette Valley has come into the light, wineries have sprung up all around and wine lovers have poured in, but community is still at the heart of the matter for Soles. ROCO donates wine and money to local nonprofits, contributing to the betterment of the Willamette Valley, and Soles continues to speak out for the wines that he makes and that his compatriots make. “If we speak with one voice to consumers, it brings more attention to us all,” he said. “For the tiny size of the Willamette Valley vineyard acreage, we do get more attention. We punch above our weight.”

Roco Winery Logo
The ROCO logo is an illustration of a bird in the style of an early Native American petroglyph. Rollin and Corby Soles have always enjoyed the outdoors and camping with their three children (now grown). “It brings a whole new flavor to camping and enjoying the Pacific Northwest if you think as if you were a human being 10,000 years ago,” said Soles. “Imagining where petroglyphs might be, finding evidence of human life, adds a new layer to our time outdoors.”

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Vandenborn and Blossey Helps Build a New Story

Bend, OR – The donations from the Sotheby’s International Realty® network to New Story have already provided safe homes for families in Haiti, Bolivia, and El Salvadar with a new community underway in Mexico. Thanks to the collaborative effort of New Story and donors like Central Oregon Brokers  Natalie Vandenborn and Laura Blossey, families get to move out of their make-shift tent camps and into new, safe homes following earthquakes or other natural disasters. Vandenborn & Blossey have been instrumental in initiating the campaign to get their office and others involved.

New Story Houses
Blossey speaks passionately about the endeavor, “I was so moved from the New Story video showing a family rejoice over their simple concrete structure – a solid roof over their heads for the very first time, the security that their home won’t be destroyed by the next storm. Brightly painted and joyful, these simple homes brought so much pleasure to this family, yet in our own lives we too often focus on minute flaws or lack thereofs.”

New Story Kids
New Story is a non-profit working to create a world where no human lives in survival mode by providing one of life’s most basic needs – shelter. The organization has funded more than 2,000 homes for families in need in less than four years. Its 100% model ensures that every penny of each donation goes to build homes while organization overhead and R&D is covered by private donors such as Y Combinator, prominent venture capitalists, and other leading executives. The current $6,500 homes are built to last for generations and each donation is paired directly with a family so donors can see their impact. See more and donate at

New Story Porch
Blossey adds, “Please join Natalie and me and donate to our campaign today. We named our campaign “Every Family Deserves a Home” and we are $5,350 towards our goal of raising $6,500 to build a new home – with your help maybe even two! New Story will send 100% of your donation to build a new home and once the family moves in, they’ll send us a video so we know the exact impact we have.”

A common theme of the New Story project remains “For Locals, By Locals.” By training local workers and buying locally sourced construction materials, your donation will not only build a home, but it also stimulates local economies and teaches skills in the process.

New Story Running
New Story recently made headlines with the launch of a 3D printer, made possible through the support of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. It is the first permitted 3D printer to build homes in the developing world and is scheduled to start efficiently building safe homes in El Salvador soon. When it comes to framing and raising a new build, what once required hours of labor and a hefty budget can now be accomplished in less than a day for a sliver of the cost. Pairing technological advancements from Austin-based startup ICON with donations from partners like the Sotheby’s International Realty network, New Story has created a 3D printer capable of creating a home in just 12-24 hours for the low cost of $4,000 USD. Programmed to create the foundation and walls of the structure via a concrete-extruding printing apparatus, The Vulcan 3D printer produces single-story, 650-square-foot structures that represent a breakthrough in housing relief efforts worldwide. ICON co-founder Jason Ballard says 3D printing is something of a “unicorn technology” for the construction industry, singular in enabling faster, better, and cheaper projects to be completed with new creativity.

New Story Colors
“We are incredibly proud to help advance New Story’s mission to transform people’s lives by providing the foundation of life, a home,” says John Passerini, Global VP Interactive Marketing, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. “Their innovative approach to not only building homes but entire communities has already made an incredible difference for so many people and with their introduction of a 3D printer, they will be able to streamline the process like nobody has ever done before.”

New Story Jumping
While many families in have already begun their lives in new, traditionally-constructed homes made possible by New Story, more will soon receive a home in the world’s first ever 3D-printed community in El Salvador, and the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is proud to play a part in such a life-changing initiative. The 3D printer received significant media coverage including Architectural Digest, Fast Company, Wired, The Verge, PBS and BuzzFeed to name a few.

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Welcomes New Manager of Broker Relations

BEND, OR – Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty welcomes a new manager of broker relations, Corinne Burt. Burt will support brokers with both compliance and best practices so they can provide the first-class service which is the hallmark of the Sotheby’s brand. In addition, she will keep the firm current with changing state, local and regional regulations governing real estate transactions.

Corrine Burt

“Compliance and best practices are constantly evolving—these are some of the fundamental tools brokers use on a daily basis to yield the best possible client experience,” says Burt, whose background combines business litigation, business ownership, and real estate practice with Vanguard Properties, a boutique San Francisco Bay Area brand. “Sotheby’s is a superb brand—the company has a corporate structure which focuses on broker support, which, in turn, allows brokers to do the very best job for their clients.”

As a former business litigator, Burt is accustomed to and comfortable with the details of complex business transactions. She brings a profound understanding of the nature of various rules and regulations that impact different types of properties whether farm, ranch, vineyard, oceanfront property, or residential acreage. She also brings a practical and intuitive understanding of the nature of brokers and the way they work.

“Every transaction is different—whether a purchase or a sale—and requires a comprehensive understanding of disclosures, legal knowledge and an understanding of local and state transactions,” says Deb Tebbs, chief executive officer of Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. “We welcome Corinne’s unique legal experience and real estate expertise to support our growing team of brokers.”

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty acquires John L. Scott Real Estate in Lincoln City

Lincoln City, OR – Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty has acquired the Lincoln City real estate pillar John L. Scott Lincoln City office effective immediately. With the acquisition, Cascade Sotheby’s creates an even bigger presence securing twice the market share of its nearest competitor in the luxury market on the Oregon Coast, and welcomes the talent of 12 top performing new brokers to the Cascade Sotheby’s team.

Lincoln City Aerial
“As always, our strategy is to look for acquisitions that fit our growth trajectory and that most importantly bring a great team with the intelligence and integrity that mirror the way Cascade Sotheby’s does business,” says Deb Tebbs, chief executive officer, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. “Managing broker Leslie Green has built an incredibly productive team, secured some of the finest listings in the region and has just done a superb job of building an enviable partner for our brokerage.”

Lincoln City Overhead
Longtime managing broker and franchise owner of the Lincoln City realty, Green brings 40 years of real estate experience, 12 top performing brokers, and 49 current listings to Cascade Sotheby’s.

“Cascade Sotheby’s offers my clients superior services and a global reach that is recognized worldwide,” says Green. “The Sotheby’s network offers incredible collaboration and marketing tools unlike any other—and the panache the Sotheby’s name carries will really support our efforts to grow our footprint on the central coast.”

Lincoln City Exterior
According to a recent article in The Financial Times, year-over-year price increases on the Oregon Coast ranging from 7%-12% have been typical. Last year, Oregon’s oceanfront housing market saw a 9.5% increase in the number of homes sold compared to 2016, according to data collected by the state’s Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). The average price of a home grew 7.8%, while the average number of days on the market for a home shrank 8.7%.

Lincoln City Patio
On the coast, Cascade Sotheby’s enjoys an average price point that is $35,000 over its nearest competitor and $100,000 over the next competitor. The brokerage produced $130 million in sales in 2017 and is projected to increase that by 30% this year in their coast markets.

Lincoln City Firepit
The Lincoln City John L. Scott team now joins the growing team at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, which exceeded $1.3 billion in closed sales in 2017 and continues its innovative approach to uniting extraordinary lives with extraordinary homes building on these statistics:

  • $30 million in company revenue in 2017
  • 325% sales growth from 2015 to 2017
  • More than 2.5 times the market share in Central Oregon than closest competitor
  • More than 300 brokers across Oregon and SW Washington
  • More than 80 new brokers signed in 2017 alone
  • 47 new agents year-to-date 2018 representing $400 million in sales revenue
  • Average price point for Cascade Sotheby’s agents is 33% higher than other agents in Portland and SW Washington
  • 10 offices in Oregon and SW Washington

Cascade Sotheby’s affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty offers a distinctive advantage to reach an affluent global audience. With over 20,000 sales associates in approximately 960 offices and 72 countries and territories, and 108 billion in sales, the Sotheby’s network provides a profound international reach to market properties in Oregon and SW Washington.

Cascade Sotheby’s Chosen to Represent the Inner Eastside’s First Luxury Condo Development in More Than a Decade

PORTLAND, OR –  Realty Trust Urban has partnered with Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty to market a new Portland tower condominium development, TwentyTwenty, to Asian markets. Cascade Sotheby’s premier broker, cross-cultural expert and Asia Desk manager Michael Zhang will lead TwentyTwenty marketing efforts to Asian buyers. The partnership will also leverage the extensive footprint and influence of Sotheby’s International Realty in Singapore, Japan, China and throughout Asia.

Twenty Twenty High Rises
Located in the historic Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood, the TwentyTwenty development is the first new construction tower condominium project in NE Portland in over a decade. The LEED Platinum Class A luxury construction offers wood floors, exposed concrete and quality steel-based architecture. Units are competitively priced starting in the $300,000’s for one-bedrooms and in the $500,000’s for two-bedrooms.

Twenty Twenty Firepit
With consistent demand for real estate in the Pacific Northwest and a record number of foreign buyers scooping up residential properties, Cascade Sotheby’s recently launched an Asia Desk to serve the real estate and relocation needs of Asian buyers. Exclusive listing agent for TwentyTwenty, Realty Trust Urban, has dedicated a tranche of condominiums in the new development for the Cascade Sotheby’s team to market directly to those passionate new markets.

Twenty Twenty Lounge
A triple threat talent as an elite principal broker, relocation and cross-cultural training expert, Zhang will be responsible for marketing the new Portland development to Asian buyers. He will also collaborate with the Sotheby’s International Realty offices in Asia to assist buyers looking for investments like this in the Pacific Northwest.

Twenty Twenty Courtyard
“Cascade Sotheby’s and Michael Zhang in particular have proven themselves as very successful in connecting with—and selling to—international buyers,” says Patrick Clark, founder of Realty Trust Urban and exclusive listing agent for the TwentyTwenty Tower. “The distinguished Sotheby’s brand carries the cache and prestige that makes a difference marketing internationally—and Zhang’s multilingual talents and background in cross-cultural relationships and relocation make him a valuable asset on this project.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, the gradually expanding US and global economies should keep foreign buyer demand at a robust level. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times states that foreigners bought 284,455 properties in the 12 months that ended March 31, about a third more than a year earlier. Dollar volume surged nearly 50% to $153 billion, also a record for the survey first taken in 2009.

The article states that Chinese nationals were the biggest buyers, purchasing $31.7 billion worth of property, up from $27.3 billion a year earlier and more than ever before, according to the association.

“In addition to becoming a desirable market for international real estate buyers, Portland continues to attract young to mid-career professionals and empty-nesters who appreciate the exceptional value the location offers and prefer the benefits of condominium living,” says Clark. “TwentyTwenty will be an excellent alternative for renters tired of rising rents, for buyers who desire to live in close-in neighborhoods and as potential vacation rental property.”

Twenty Twenty Kitchen
Cascade Sotheby’s affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty offers a distinctive advantage to reach an affluent global audience. With over 20,000 sales associates in approximately 880 offices and 69 countries and territories, the Sotheby’s network provides a profound international reach to market properties in Oregon and SW Washington.

Twenty Twenty Dining
“There are many investors in Asian countries who are experiencing new wealth and looking for investment opportunities around the lifestyle and environmental wellness that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have to offer,” says Zhang. “These investors love prestigious global brands like Prada, Tiffany’s and Sotheby’s—the Sotheby’s brand positions the new Asia Desk to provide world-class, white glove investment, relocation and cultural integration services these buyers expect. I am delighted to have this exceptional opportunity to unite these buyers with investment opportunities like the TwentyTwenty Tower here.”

Twenty Twenty Bathroom

About Realty Trust Urban

We anticipate urban transformation and partner to create the right products for the right neighborhoods, one story at a time. We provide unrivaled service to developers, investors and home buyers, anticipating the desires of consumers, not just marketing to them. We approach each project with a shared vision to transform the city for the better, one story at a time. We believe that collaboration with developers, architects and investors throughout the development and sales phases is the differentiator in delivering exceptional results. Our record shows we’ve outperformed the competition since 2002; having marketed and sold over $2.2 billion in urban high-rise homes with a portfolio of 17 distinctive condominium projects consisting of over 2,500 units. The diversity of our experience with various product types and shifting consumer mindsets qualifies us as a true industry leader in urban realty. We believe that independent homeowners deserve the same elite expertise and we provide the same results-oriented approach to individuals. Realty Trust Urban is your partner in city living.

CSIR Partners with Porsche Beaverton and BASCO on Two Amazing Events

PORTLAND, METRO – Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty recently hosted two events with not one, but two of its valued corporate partners. On Thursday, October 18, the “Drive It Home” event was held, in collaboration with Porsche Beaverton, along with Academy Mortgage and Stone Ridge Custom Development. Attendees were invited to tour 5 amazing luxury homes located south of Portland. The exclusive guest list, RSVP only, were instructed to travel the tour circuit, and collect home cards from all of the sites to be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Tiffany & Co. At the final station, Porsche enthusiasts were invited to test drive the newly redesigned 2019 Porsche Cayan, among other popular models.

Porsche Event Home 1
In all, 7 Cascade Sotheby’s Brokers participated in the home tour. 24800 SW Quarryview Drive in Wilsonville was the initial stop, presented by Broker, Michael Zhang. “It was a sunny, golden autumn afternoon, followed by music and wine in the evening. Friends and clients enjoyed the architecture of the luxury properties presented by Cascade Sotheby’s top agents and Porsche’s newest Cayenne model presented by Porsche Beaverton. Everyone was impressed with the style and hospitality provided”, said Zhang.

Porsche Event Home 2
The next home was being shown by Brokers Joe Reitzug and Julie Halter, and was actually located on the same street at 24927 SW Quarryview Drive The third stop was 26485 SW Wilken Lane in West Linn. The listing Broker was Kristen Kohnstamm. Brokers Laura Piccard and Mark Miller hosted visitors to 2636 SW Schaeffer Road, also in West Linn. Portland was the site of the main event and included food, beverages and live music. Greeting guests at the residence located at 1387 SW Military Road was Broker Matt Tercek.

Porsche Event Leaders
Managing Principal Broker for Cascade Sotheby’s Michael Babbitt added, “What a great collaboration of two powerful brands, showcasing a lifestyle that anyone can enjoy. Approximately 100 people attended the event touring homes and taking test drives. This is just one more example of why Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty is first, best, exclusive. We look forward to future events with Porsche.”

Another recent event was held on Tuesday, October 23 and was held at the Builder’s Appliance Supply Company (BASCO) showroom in Portland. This collaborative event, co-sponsored with BASCO, who specializes in the sale of high-end kitchen appliances, was themed “A Taste of Cascade Sotheby’s,” an evening of food, wine and networking. In what really was an amazing opportunity for CSIR Brokers to develop relationships, not only with potential clients, but also area developers with interest in learning more about the amazing marketing strategies and proprietary technology available to them.

BASCO Event Entertainment
Guests mingled and enjoyed live music while taking in BASCO’s beautiful showroom. Local chefs, from some of the area’s top restaurants, prepared some of their most notable dishes on-site, and tastings were poured by a few well-known Pacific Northwest wineries and distilleries.

Porsche Event Entertainment
Cascade Sotheby’s takes great pride in developing reciprocal corporate partnerships with comparable brands in the regions in which their offices operate. This initiative not only creates considerable brand awareness in the marketplace, but also generates meaningful engagement between the shared demographics. If you have interest in a potential mutually beneficial corporate partnership, please contact Cascade Sotheby’s at

Halloweentown Lives On in St. Helens

HELENS, OR – “The Spirit of Halloween” is alive and well in Northwest Oregon! Fresh off of national notoriety for the residential listing of “Bella’s House,” location shoot of the cinematic Twilight franchise, the spotlight refocuses on the blue-collar hamlet of St. Helens, as it has every October, since 1997. The month-long celebration, a Halloween-themed festival, takes place in an area nestled away in the Columbia Gorge, in the Northwest quadrant of Oregon, just 30 miles outside of Portland, where the original Disney Channel movie of the same name was actually filmed. Be prepared to see some amazing Halloween costumes, pumpkin carvings, spooky decorations, displays, street performances, haunted tours and more.

Halloween Town TV Show
It all goes back to the late 1990’s, when a film crew scouted the location, then committed to film the semi-forgettable cult classic, Halloweentown, starring Debbie Reynolds. Since then, the locals, with a present-day population of just over 13,000, embraced the spirit of the set and decided to make it an annual tradition. Now, each year, the town is transformed into a month-long event, attracting devotees to the macabre holiday from around the world. Organizers expect in excess of 15,000 visitors on peak nights. This tranquil waterfront community has never been the same since.

Halloweentown Crowded Street
Drawing huge crowds, filling the downtown city plaza, the season ceremoniously begins, with the grand lighting of the Great Pumpkin. Local merchants, dying to get visitors in the spirit, are stocked with everything imaginable, straight out of your worst nightmare. And, with an array of events, ranging from ghost talks, tarot card readings and face painting, you’ll want to be in-character and ready to partake in the fun.“The Spirit of Halloweentown,” is a fabulously fun, family-friendly ritual, complete with trick-or-treating through St. Helens’ Old Town District and scarecrows galore.

Halloweentown Parade
Events and Attractions include: bonfires, pet costume contest, parades, live music, a pumpkin patch, treasure hunts, pumpkin carving contest, pony rides, adult beverage happy hours, a paranormal convention, tractor rides, the Hot Rod Hearse Rally, giant scarecrows, lots of local food vendors and much more!

Halloweentown Float
In 2017, members of the main cast attended the festival to reunite for the first time in years, in honor of the late film legend Debbie Reynolds, the most notable star of the original film, who passed away in 2016.  The stories of the Piper family’s adventures in a magical world where witches, monsters and all kinds of Halloween legends lived, became a pop culture phenomenon in the late ’90s. The main cast of the films included Kimberly J. Brown, who played the teen heroine, Marnie. Her on-screen family included siblings Dylan, played by Joey Zimmerman, and Sophie, played by Emily Roeske. Judith Hoag played Gwen, the kids’ mom. The late Debbie Reynolds played the role of Aggie, the children’s grandmother, who was determined to help the family embrace the spirit of Halloween. “It was so refreshing as a young actress to work with somebody who was not only such a huge legend, but was also willing to share the spotlight with everyone around her,” Brown told the large crowd during the tribute.

Halloweentown Cemetary
Upping the fear factor even further, visit Nightmare’s Haunted House, where organizers promise that you will experience feelings of intense fear, terror and distress. You will roam through rooms and hallways that could only exist in your darkest dreams, not knowing when you will wake up from this nightmare or if it’s real. The Mystery Manor Haunted House is a toned-down version, an option for kids, which still guarantees plenty of scary sights and sounds, as you walk through and marvel in the detail of the sets (no live actors participate in this version of the haunted house).

Halloweentown Pumpkin Paddle
As with most things Oregon, when jack-o’-lanterns just aren’t festive enough, locals take in this annual contest, with paddlers navigating the lake at Tualatin Commons during the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. Since 2004, this cherished annual race series consists of piloting a gaggle of gigantic gourds through a water course on the lake. The event kicks off with a giant pumpkin parade and weigh-off, followed by a full day of costumed contestants plying the shallow lake in 1,000-pound pumpkin boats. On dry land, a costume contest, live music, face painting, pumpkin carving, pie eating contest and pumpkin golf will keep the laughs coming at this free, family-friendly event. Located just 13 miles (21 km) southwest of downtown Portland, Tualatin is a great starting point for an autumn adventure in the Willamette Valley, complete with foliage and farm stands — but the most eye-popping sight of the day will definitely be those paddling pumpkins.

Halloweentown Spirit
Historically, Halloween is well-celebrated statewide, as Oregonians perpetually seize the moment in keeping all things “weird.” And, whether it may be metro, suburbia or backcountry, the exceptionally experienced agents of Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty represent listings throughout the “Beaver” state. Search current and exclusive properties.


New Business Development Manager to Lead Oregon Coast Real Estate Growth

Portland, Oregon—Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty continues its steady growth trajectory with a new business development manager to lead momentum and growth in the Oregon Coast markets. The brokerage has appointed longtime broker, Nancy Randall J.D., to manage operations for their coast offices in Gearhart, Cannon Beach, and Manzanita.

Randall has been listing, marketing, providing business site analysis and selling outstanding and luxurious homes for over 25 years. A Portland native, she returns to her Oregon roots from her role as a real estate expert for Premier Sotheby’s International Realty in Naples, Florida. She has also worked as an attorney in private practice, analyzed property sites for business development while at PacifiCorp and worked as a financial analyst at the Bonneville Power Administration.

Nancy Randall
“Nancy Randall has been a widely respected and successful broker in the Sotheby’s International Realty network—to welcome her level of real estate talent and legal knowledge to Cascade Sotheby’s is a huge asset to our recent expansion on the Oregon Coast,” says Deb Tebbs, founder and CEO, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. “We are building a growing footprint of listings at the coast and Nancy’s knowledge and expertise in vacation home and luxury sales will help us accelerate our momentum and propel us to our next level of growth in the region.”

Randall supports her clients with both extensive experience in selling residential real estate and legal knowledge of property transactions and land use. She specializes in preparing homes for optimum sales pricing, compiling data to justify listing assets and prices, and developing targeted marketing collateral.

Cascade Sotheby's Brokers Field Trip to Learn More About Off-Grid Living

On a beautiful fall day in Central Oregon, a dozen of our Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty brokers ventured North to visit Three Rivers Recreation Area at Lake Billy Chinook. The trip, inspired by Meg Cummings and Kent Crook, was set up to educate our brokers about the community and the Off-Grid lifestyle that it represents.
Solar Power Explained
After touring several homes with Meg, the team was enlightened by a Solar Power educational seminar conducted by Kent who is very knowledgeable on the subject. Here are some excerpts from the class:

How Do Solar Panels Work?

When photons hit a solar cell, they knock electrons loose from their atoms. If conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides of a cell, it forms an electrical circuit. When electrons flow through such a circuit, they generate electricity. Multiple cells make up a solar panel, and multiple panels (modules) can be wired together to form a solar array. The more panels you can deploy, the more energy you can expect to generate.

What are Solar Panels Made of?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are made up of many solar cells. Solar cells are made of silicon, like semiconductors. They are constructed with a positive layer and a negative layer, which together create an electric field, just like in a battery.

How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

PV solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity. With DC electricity, electrons flow in one direction around a circuit. This example shows a battery powering a light bulb. The electrons move from the negative side of the battery, through the lamp, and return to the positive side of the battery.
With AC (alternating current) electricity, electrons are pushed and pulled, periodically reversing direction, much like the cylinder of a car’s engine. Generators create AC electricity when a coil of wire is spun next to a magnet. Many different energy sources can “turn the handle” of this generator, such as gas or diesel fuel, hydroelectricity, nuclear, coal, wind, or solar.
AC electricity was chosen for the U.S. electrical power grid, primarily because it is less expensive to transmit over long distances. However, solar panels create DC electricity. How do we get DC electricity into the AC grid? We use an inverter.
Three Rivers Solar Panel
When the training session was complete, everyone enjoyed a BBQ and had great things to say about the trip:
Big thank you to you and your husband. It was a wonderful day and worth every minute. So much great information and worthwhile knowledge of a super place for those buyers who want something different.
Thanks again,
– Tim Collette
Just wanted to say thanks to you and Ken for putting on such a nice event… not only informative, but also really fun!  After wolfing that (delicious) burger, we did make it back to Bend in time for Frank’s photography session and our movie.
Thanks again!
– Sandy and John
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been in your area and I was blown away by the beauty of the setting you live and work in.  I also want you to know Meg how much I enjoyed being with you through the tour.  Your love of your community and passion for what you do and how you do it was inspirational and I was uplifted by the experience.  Kent’s knowledge of solar systems was super impressive and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to learn about how it all works.  And finally, your hospitality in having us all over to your place was the icing on the cake.  I feel very fortunate to have you and Kent as colleagues in our company and office. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon…
– Phil Arends

Three Rivers Recreation Area offers environmentally friendly living with starry sky views.

Central Oregon is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. With the increasing number of residents comes more infrastructure—and more light pollution. But there is one neighborhood in the high desert that still offers the chance to see the Milky Way on a clear night. It’s the Three Rivers Recreation Area, a 4,000 acre community near Culver.
Three Rivers view of Mt Jefferson
Three Rivers is known for being entirely off-grid. Originally created as a vacation home destination in the mid-20th century, the neighborhood slowly developed a year-round group of residents who were drawn to the rustic lifestyle and close access to some of Central Oregon’s best recreation opportunities. Even as more residents moved in, the area was never developed with traditional city utilities. Today, the eighty-five full-time residents rely on solar or wind energy to power their homes. Given the recent growth in solar and movement toward living more sustainably, it’s also become an easy option for homeowners who are looking for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Three Rivers Listing 1
“We are totally off the grid,” said resident and Cascade Sotheby’s broker Meg Cummings. She and her husband started visiting a vacation home in the area in the 1970s, and bought property and built a home in 2003.
Off-grid living can have many connotations, but in the Three Rivers Recreation Area community, off-grid living doesn’t sacrifice luxury living. There are about 600 deeded properties in the private community, and about 200 are developed with homes. Each property boasts a five-acre minimum size, and undeveloped properties sell for a price between $100,000 and $150,000. Housing styles range from small manufactured homes to large custom homes.
Three Rivers Wakeboarding
Three Rivers has a disc golf course, a shooting range, common land for ATV and dirt bike riding and private access to Lake Billy Chinook. The community is also gated, and a community center is being built from money raised by collecting deposits on recyclable bottles.
The amenities and the location make Three Rivers more than competitive in the tight Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook County real estate markets. “Real estate goes priced under the market in Deschutes County and Jefferson County,” said Cummings. And the area is popular; 2017 marked the biggest year for sales in the neighborhood in a decade.
Three Rivers Listing 2
The better technology for solar power, as well as private internet and reliable cell phone service, have made it easy for people to live there full time. Combined with convenient access to Madras less than an hour away, the community is a desirable place to live for people looking for a more sustainable lifestyle and a quiet neighborhood, without sacrificing city access close by.
Three Rivers Recreation View
Gary Sweet lives in Three Rivers with his wife and runs a part-time insurance business from his home. They’ve lived in their home since 2006, and Sweet has installed a well for their water and uses solar power for electricity. Sweet said he enjoys the small community and unique lifestyle there. “It’s a relatively close-knit community,” he said. “At Three Rivers, you do a lot of things together. We rely on each other. You get more of an old town, small community atmosphere.”
To find out more about Three Rivers Recreation area and view property listings, click here to visit the community page.