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A community is built on more than just a common love of the location. People from different backgrounds come together to bring their own influence to food, the arts, and conversation. Depoe Bay is known for all of these traits. Avid whale watching and ocean views are also a draw. The people here truly appreciate their surroundings, bringing a certain sense of reverence for nature and the beauty of the Oregon coast. It’s far enough from the city so you can hear yourself think, but close enough to get the variety it offers. Kids can go on their own sea-soaked adventures and adults can enjoy the often mysterious and exciting tales of past captains who braved the treacherous ocean for their own gain. Real estate offers a variety for either seasonal use or as a permanent home.
  • Cape Foulweather - 2.7 miles | 7 min
  • Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint - 2.0 miles | 4 min
  • Depoe Bay Aquarium - 1.7 miles | 5 min
  • Fogarty Creek State Park - 3.9 miles miles | 9 min

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