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Oregon’s coastal towns offer a lot of charm, and their residents know how to make the most of the natural characteristics that make up their home. Florence is known for its sand dunes and rhododendrons, and you would feel welcome in its midst as both a visitor or as a new local. See the Sea Lion Caves, where you can meet some of the more aquatic mammals of the town. Or for more excitement, you can see check out the Three Rivers Casino. The ocean offers plenty of things to do from boating to kite flying.

Originally built on the logging and fishing industries, the face of the town has evolved over the years to incorporate more of the tourist trade. The quality of the restaurants and entertainment venues has gone up as the destination has become more popular with visitors. Real estate has also changed to accommodate modern tastes. Florence has homes of all kinds, depending on needs. From multi-bedroom townhouses to single family homes, there are a variety of locations and architectural styles to choose from.

  • Sea Lion Caves - 10.4 miles | 15 min
  • Haceta Head Lighthouse - 11.9 miles | 18 min
  • Suislaw Dunes - 1.4 miles | 4 min
  • Sandpines Golf Links - 0.8 miles | 2 min

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