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BEND, OR – Growing up in Ventura County, Julie Allen shares an affinity for the residents of her former California community. Julie, along with husband Geordan, are embarking on a rescue mission, trekking south near where the wildfires have devasted so many, to deliver supplies and donations to the evacuees from the Camp Fire in Paradise/Chico, and the Woolsey and Hill Fires in the Los Angeles vicinity and Ventura Counties. Hurriedly collecting items since the inception of the blazes, Allen, a Broker with Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty in Bend, Oregon, is determined to provide whatever relief and assistance to her former neighbors.

According to Allen in what drives her inspiration, “It’s important to me to help in times of need, because it connects us to people and the community. Being a Mom, providing a model for my children to be tolerant and giving is vital in this world in which they are growing up in.”

Although, Allen fondly recalls the early years of starting out in Ventura County with her young family, she is vividly reminded of the financial struggles she and many others experienced as a result of the high-priced housing market there. With affordability quickly encroaching on their daily quality of life, the Allen’s elected to relocate to the Pacific Northwest, determined to improve on their situation. Roughly 3 years after landing in Bend, Oregon, Julie and her husband Geordan, a General Contractor, have successfully navigated through many of the similar issues they experienced while in California.

Marta Bolens, Managing Principal Broker for Cascade Sotheby’s Central Oregon region states, “Although they’re becoming slightly more difficult to uncover, there are “diamonds-in-the- rough” throughout the Central Oregon market. The hard part is if you’re able to find one affordable enough, while allowing ample budget for renovation.”

Resolved to providing others with the basics to their formula for happily reestablishing roots in their newfound community, Julie and Geordan are taking full advantage of their knowledge in real estate and renovation to assist clients with affordable home ownership throughout Central Oregon. Her association with Cascade Sotheby’s has provided a reciprocal platform in which to launch such an endeavor, enabling Allen to “speak” to potential clients because of her family’s practical experiences. Being able to assist both buyers, as well as sellers, in the challenges associated with establishing a quality of life, begins with the path to affordable home ownership.

Allen comments, “Being able to afford your dream home can be difficult, we can help make it happen.” As an additional incentive, Allen enlists the assistance of Allen Construction & Design.  Geordan, a licensed general contractor, specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling, and custom woodworking, will consult with Julie, who has an interior design background, to advise in the economical renovation of homes within the client’s price point. Julie suggests, “Find the house that you can afford, and we will transform it into the home that you love.”

With over a decade working in residential construction, Allen Construction and Design is experienced with projects ranging from new construction to small and large-scale remodeling, as well as renovation jobs. Their team is highly knowledgeable in building requirements and working with an unsurpassed attention to detail and dedication to delivering the highest quality work possible that’s on-budget.

Eunice B. commented on her recent kitchen remodel, Julie has a keen sense of what the customer wants. We are very happy with the choices that we have made and grateful that the process has been so easy!”

Another client, Steve and Tina R. add, “Julie helped my husband and I every step of the way during our master bathroom remodel. She is extremely professional, kind and honest to work with. Julie did an awesome job of quickly determining our wants and needs for our new bathroom. She set realistic expectations for us, and has a calm can-do attitude that we really appreciated throughout the process. Julie did an awesome job of communicating with our contractors. We always felt that all parties involved were on the same page with the design we were wanting to achieve. We highly recommend Julie, and we will definitely work with her again on our next project.”

Allen’s blueprint to affordable home ownership includes establishing a realistic budget, targeting a listing that would allow for the estimated renovations and performing a comprehensive inspection on the property to eliminate potential cost overruns. Julie’s approach aligns perfectly with the messaging of Cascade Sotheby’s, in that, “Luxury is an experience, not a price point.”

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