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Named for Concordia University, which sits within its boundaries, the Concordia neighborhood is in the city’s Northeast quadrant. Bordered by Vernon, Woodland, Cully, Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire and more, this area of the city is known for the University, which is part of the Lutheran Concordia University System, as well as for the Kennedy School.

A remodeled elementary school building, the Kennedy School is one of the McMenamins brothers’ finer achievements. Containing guest lodgings, a soaking pool, a movie theater, a brewery, a restaurant and numerous places to relax and enjoy a pint, the recreation-dedicated hotspot is one of Portland’s more notable destinations.

Homes here are lovely and, like many of the Northeast neighborhoods that abut this one, are somewhat upscale. Ranging from the mid $300,000s for a smaller Craftsman-style home to the $600,000s for larger lots and more elegant homes, homes in the area can get even more expensive and luxurious as well. Most are built in the Crafsman style with beautiful details and classic touches that date back to their early- or mid-1900s building dates.

Nearby are many city parks, with open green spaces and walking trails, water features and manicured gardens, all perfect for a date, a family outing, or a study spot.

This neighborhood also contains the smaller Alberta Street Arts District, a main cultural hub centering on Alberta St. A popular residential destination for the earthy and the yuppie, the young and the edgy, Alberta embraces one of Portland’s most colorful and interesting cultural scenes.

  • Hollywood Theatre - 3.2 miles | 11 min
  • Moda Center - 6.2 miles | 12 min
  • Oregon Convention Center - 4.2 miles | 14 min
  • Portland Art Museum - 7.4 miles | 16 min
  • Portland International Airport - 4.9 miles | 13 min
  • Saturday Market- 7.9 miles | 15 min

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