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Sitting on Portland’s east side near the Willamette River, Eastmoreland is a family-friendly neighborhood with homes ranging from ranch to Craftsman style and varying widely in price, according to square footage, location, lot size, and other amenities. Many of the homes were built in the mid-1900s when the community was developed.

Eastmoreland has a significant history, such as its public parks, including the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and Berkeley Park. Other neighborhood attractions include the Eastmoreland Golf Course, a sweeping stretch of greenery and trees that sprawls downward toward the river, as well as historic Reed College, a private liberal arts college founded at the turn of the 20th century. Reed College contains acres of beautiful grounds on which to walk, picnic and explore, as well as wildlife areas that have been rebuilt and conserved.

Lined with trees and landscaped gardens, Eastmoreland is a beautiful area that transforms with the seasons.

  • Aladdin Theater - 3.5 miles | 11 min
  • Oaks Amusement Park - 2.8 miles | 11 min
  • Powells City of Books - 5.5 miles | 18 min
  • Reed College - 0.8 miles | 3 min
  • SE Hawthorne Blvd- 4.1 miles | 15 min

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