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Spanning North and Northeast Portland, the Eliot neighborhood is roughly hemmed in by the Willamette River to the west, Fremont St. to the north, 74th Avenue to the east and Broadway St. to the south. It is located right in the middle of the former city of Albina, and is a cultural destination for many residents of Portland, who come here to eat, shop, drink, listen to live music and generally have a good time.

Homes in the area may not be quite as pricey or sprawling as nearby neighborhoods such as Irvington or Alameda, but they are still quite nice. Often built in the Craftsman style, they consist of cottages and bungalows in a range of sizes and square footages. Many yards are large and showy, with mature landscaping and lovely greenery that graces the old streets.

Residents and visitors have tons of options when it comes to R&R. The Eliot neighborhood possesses fun cultural destinations, such as old churches or historic homes, for those who appreciate the weight of history. Coffee shops and restaurants abound, so you always have plenty of choices for where to eat. Shops, boutiques, groceries, and artisanal stores line the busier streets, so you can always find something to cook in too.

Because of its central location and proximity to several major freeways, including I-84 and I-5, the Eliot neighborhood is a great place to live no matter where you work. The downtown strip is especially close by car or public transportation.


  • Hollywood Theatre - 4.1 miles | 12 min
  • Keller Auditorium - 2.9 miles | 9 min
  • Moda Center - 0.9 miles | 5 min
  • Portland International Airport - 12.7 miles | 22 min
  • Wonder Ballroom- 0.5 miles | 2 min

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