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Laurelhurst contains many sweeping, upscale single-family homes. Breaking Portland’s traditional grid pattern of streets, the avenues in this neighborhood wind gently through parks and residential enclaves. The center of the neighborhood is crowned with a golden statue of Joan of Arc, around which winds Coe Circle, a huge traffic circle.

Many of the homes in the area are grand, with multiple stories, fairytale elements such as towers and extra wings, long front walks and sprawling porches.

Nearby attractions include Laurelhurst Park, a huge stretch of green space that includes a pond and trails winding around the almost 27-acre lot..

  • Hollywood Theatre - 0.8 miles | 4 min
  • Japanese Gardens - 4.8 miles | 21 min
  • Laurelhurst Theater - 0.9 miles | 4 min
  • Moda Center - 2.4 miles | 12 min
  • Northwest 23rd - 4.7 miles | 15 min
  • Waverley Country Club- 7.4 miles | 19 min

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