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Situated about 45 minutes north of Bend, Madras is in the middle of stunning natural beauty. Deep canyons, river gorges, and a gorgeous lake are all nearby. You don’t need to travel far to find great places to go hiking, fishing, and boating.

For instance, Lake Simtustus is just outside of Madras. Created by the Pelton Dam on the Deschutes River, the lake is open to fishing year-round. You can catch smallmouth bass, northern pikeminnow, kokanee, and several types of trout. The fishing is so good that a fishing derby is held each year at the Lake Simtustus Resort with cash prizes.

For even more fishing, as well as excellent hiking and camping, you can drive to Cove Palisades State Park, a short drive to the south.

Because Madras is at the intersection of two highways, US-26 and US-97, you’re a short drive away from many other fun places, too. From the Ochoco National Forest to the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Indian Head Casino, there’s plenty to do in the area.

But even within the town itself, Madras has a lot to offer for its modest size. For example, there’s a golf course, a skate park, a seasonal farmers’ market, a Performing Arts Center, and an impressive aquatic center with a water slide, lazy river, and open gym for various sports.

If you love airplanes, there’s an airport in town that used to be a training base for B-17 pilots during World War II. Now, the Madras Airport can accommodate jets of all sizes, from corporate jets to heavy military aircrafts. As a result, it has become the site for the annual Airshow of the Cascades, as well as the Erickson Aircraft Collection and the Erickson Aero Tanker, which helps to fight wildfires.

The town also values its parks and green spaces. Each of its seven parks are well-maintained and perfect for children and families. Older kids can play basketball, soccer, or disc golf, while smaller children can enjoy the many playgrounds.

There’s even a kids’ fishing pond, stocked with rainbow and brown trout, bluegill, and bass. It’s open to anyone aged 17 or younger, so they can practice casting and reeling in a safe and friendly environment. Since it’s stocked twice per year, they’re also likely to catch something in the right season.

Although the Madras has been an agricultural community for many years, it’s anything but a sleepy farm town. The town has had a lively spirit ever since it was first platted in 1902. As one early settler wrote, “We did not have to travel so far to have a good time.”

Those words are even more true today. The community has grown to include industry and recreation in addition to agriculture. Its residents work in education, tourism, health care, aviation, and a variety of other professions, outside of farming.

Nevertheless, farming is still a big part of the community, simply because the soil is so fertile. You can grow an impressive amount of vegetables, grass, and flowers in this area, which explains why there are so many large farms around Madras. If you’re interested in running your own farm, it’s easy to find a beautiful one around Madras!

For instance, check out this incredible 178-acre farm north of Madras. There’s a barn with 4 horse runs, a shop, a hay barn, a machine shed with storage room, and a covered corral with cattle equipment. The 3-bedroom ranch home is lovely, too, with fabulous views of the Cascade Mountains.

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If you want to start with something smaller, take a look at these 11.9 acres of agricultural land with 10.9 acres of irrigation rights. You’ll have enough water for a hobby farm or pasture for animals, and you’d be located in the midst of a large agricultural community, so you can learn from experienced farmers.

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Buying a farm in Madras could be a great way to start a career in agriculture. You’d have rich soil, a good community, and plenty of local activities to enjoy! Check out our Madras community page to learn more about this wonderful place and browse real estate for sale there.

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