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Located in beautiful Bend, the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood has been carefully designed to be sustainable and community-focused. Known as NWX among locals, the neighborhood was originally an old tree farm with 500 acres of ponderosa pines. This land belonged to a timber company, which once owned five mills in Bend. After its last mill closed in 1994, the company began looking into real estate opportunities, just as Bend’s population was beginning to boom.

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The company’s ponderosa tree farm was only 1.5 miles from downtown Bend, and the land was nearly flat. In essence, it was the perfect place for a new neighborhood. This opportunity became a reality in 1999, when two developers partnered to build a community in NorthWest Crossing. Their master plan revolved around sustainability and preservation. In particular, they wanted to keep the gorgeous ponderosa pines on the property, and would even redesign a home to save a tree.

As a result, real estate in NorthWest Crossing has the atmosphere of a well-established neighborhood, despite being relatively new. Mature ponderosa pines tower over the streets and parks, lining the horizon with their green branches. This abundance of trees in NorthWest Crossing isn’t just an aesthetic feature; it’s a key part of the community’s vision of sustainable living.

The sustainability of Northwest Crossing is evident in many other ways, too. If you support environmental preservation and have a green lifestyle, you’ll love how the community has been thoughtfully designed with those values in mind. Here are few ways living sustainably is easier when you have a home in NorthWest Crossing.

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Eco-Friendly Home Building

Each home in NorthWest Crossing has been built according to the high standards set by Earth Advantage, a home building program that focuses on issues like recycling, landscaping, water, energy efficiency, building materials and indoor air quality. This means your home will have environmental concerns at its foundation. It will be energy efficient through details like duct sealing, tree shading and high-efficiency windows, lighting and appliances. You’ll also know that it was built efficiently, including proper disposal of building supplies. These eco-friendly principles won’t only apply to your home—your neighbors will have homes that were sustainably built, too.


The developers of NorthWest Crossing wanted residents to have convenient access to necessities like shops, schools and medical care, so they including those facilities within the residential area. In other words, you don’t need to leave the community to do your errands. You can walk your kids to school, get fresh vegetables at the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market, and pick up a baguette at the local bakery without getting into your car. The sidewalks are wide and lined with attractive landscaping and park benches, so you feel invited to go out walking or cycling.

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Even traffic has been organized to accommodate pedestrians. Instead of a large road with a traffic light, the neighborhood has a roundabout, which cuts down on pollution and slows cars down. This means less noise, fresher air and more safety for pedestrians. This roundabout was the first in Bend and has since become a model for other roundabouts in the city.

Green Spaces

A sustainable community wouldn’t be complete without plenty of green spaces for relaxation and connection with nature. Located on the edge of the Willamette National Forest, NorthWest Crossing is connected to the West Bend Trail System and has convenient access to wilderness areas, as well as community-centered parks. You can visit Sunset View Park for a great workout in nature, using the exercise equipment that’s been installed next to the park’s trail. For a family outing, you can go to the 2-acre Lewis and Clark Park, which includes a rock wall, basketball court, and playground for all ages. In the summer, you might enjoy sitting in Compass Park for their outdoor cinema series, Munch and Movies. Finally, you can hang out with friends and their dogs in Discovery Park, which includes a three-acre lake, a picnic shelter and an off-leash dog park, as well as an active community garden.

NorthWest Crossing is a vibrant neighborhood you’d want to live in, especially since it has so many beautiful homes to choose from. There’s a good mix of bungalows, Northwest Craftsman, and Mid-Century Modern homes, giving every architectural taste something to love. Check out our listings to find your dream home in NorthWest Crossing.

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