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Sherwood, Oregon built its wealth on bricks, manufacturing them for much of the industrial and commercial growth in the Portland metropolitan area. During the brick-making heyday, it formed the nine-block area now known as Old Town, where you can currently find an antique mall, performing arts academy, library, yoga and music studios, and several places to eat. The center of life in Sherwood, Old Town also hosts a farmers market for much of the year, art festivals, a Halloween trick-or-treat event and an annual Robin Hood festival in homage to its name. The area contains little in the way of shopping or dining but does offer some shopping and entertainment in the form of Parkway Village, a shopping center. Playing to young and growing families, Sherwood contains several schools as well as a wealth of single-family homes in different styles, lot size, and square footage.

Apartments and condominiums are also easy to find, many of them located along beautiful greenways or small wildlife areas. Because it is a small town with a lower population, Sherwood is filled with such natural areas, which makes it the perfect place for people wanting a less citified feel while still living within a major urban area. Oregon Metro (Portland’s governing body for urban development, transportation, wildlife preservation and so on) recently granted Sherwood $5.1 million for the construction of a new greenway, the Cedar Creek Trail. The planning process for the trail’s location and other details is currently underway.


  • Council Crest - 18.8 miles | 35 min
  • Forest Park - 24.6 miles | 40 min
  • Oaks Amusement Park - 15.9 miles | 32 min
  • Oswego Lake - 11.3 miles | 26 min
  • Portland International Airport - 28.4 miles | 42 min

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