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Bandon is a small city located in Coos County, Oregon. The economy is centered around wood products, fishing, tourism, cranberries, and Bandon cheese. Similar to other communities on the coast of Oregon, in past years Bandon city had an extensive timber and fishing industry. As these industries have decreased, tourism and agriculture have gained considerably in dominance.

Bandon is a popular tourist site with a well-known nickname: Bandon-by-the-Sea. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and its five intricate golf courses also provide a draw to this area. Explore beautiful beaches and points of interest, such as Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint and the Coquille River Lighthouse at Bullards Beach State Park.

  • Bandon Dunes Golf Course - 8.1 miles | 15 min
  • Bullards Beach State Park - 4.5 miles | 11 min
  • Coquille River Lighthouse - 6.8 miles | 16 min
  • Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint - 1.5 miles | 6 min

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