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As one of the most beautiful destinations on the Southern Oregon Coast, Gold Beach is a recreational center with about 1,900 residents that fluctuates with the seasons. The community is open to tourists each year with annual festivals and events. These include the Rogue River Salmon Derby Competition, Fisherman’s Fish Fry, and Clam Chowder Festival.

A gold discovery along the Rogue River in the 1850s led to the city’s unique name. Originally settled by Native Americans along the river, Gold Beach was the site of several battles with miners and settlers around this time. While the evidence of gold faded away, the community was able to thrive based on the availability of salmon in the river.

The mild climate and brisk oceanside temperatures in Gold Beach make for great fishing and camping opportunities throughout the summer and fall. Secluded tidepool beaches and classic scenery make Gold Beach an enjoyable community to live or visit.

  • Otter Point State Park - 6.2 miles | 12 min
  • Harris Beach State Park - 25.9 miles | 33 min
  • Gold Beach Resort - 1.4 miles | 5 min
  • Gold Beach Airport - 2.3 miles | 8 min

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