Third Thursday Art Walk Lake Oswego | March 2019

St. John - Christopher B. Mooney

Featured Artist: Christopher B. Mooney

Please join us Thursday, March 21st at our Lake Oswego office location (310 N State Street, Suite 102, Lake Oswego, OR 97034) from 4 – 7 PM, to enjoy the artwork of Christopher B. Mooney. Delicious wine and appetizers will be served.


St. John - Christopher B. Mooney

St. John – Christopher B. Mooney


About the Artist

Christopher Mooney is known as a professional artist in Portland, OR for his urban landmarks, primarily bridges, industrial sites and working heroes, and is currently creating commissioned portraits. He creates his large-scale oils from photo references.  Born and raised in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, surrounded by an artistic family of writers, musicians, and architects amidst the vast New York art scene, he received a Bachelor Fine Arts Degree from Parson’s School of Design. He continues to enjoy studies in portraiture and figurative workshops at Pacific Northwest Collage of Art, Portland, OR and the Oil Painters of America.


Marquam Curves - Christopher B. Mooney

Marquam Curves – Christopher B. Mooney



“I enjoy hiking around the bridges of Portland, Oregon, with my camera,” Christopher explains, “I step off the sidewalks to get a different perspective of the city where the landscape is framed by its bridges. The photos I use are references for me to create original oils. I create large scale images using projections or grids, from photo references, mixing colors similar to old masters’ technique to at least match the likeness.”


Mooney Barge - Christopher B. Mooney

Mooney Barge – Christopher B. Mooney


Learn More

For more information about Christopher B. Mooney, please visit his website:

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