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New Story

Bend, OR – The donations from the Sotheby’s International Realty® network to New Story have already provided safe homes for families in Haiti, Bolivia, and El Salvadar with a new community underway in Mexico. Thanks to the collaborative effort of New Story and donors like Central Oregon Brokers  Natalie Vandenborn and Laura Blossey, families get to move out of their make-shift tent camps and into new, safe homes following earthquakes or other natural disasters. Vandenborn & Blossey have been instrumental in initiating the campaign to get their office and others involved.

New Story Houses
Blossey speaks passionately about the endeavor, “I was so moved from the New Story video showing a family rejoice over their simple concrete structure – a solid roof over their heads for the very first time, the security that their home won’t be destroyed by the next storm. Brightly painted and joyful, these simple homes brought so much pleasure to this family, yet in our own lives we too often focus on minute flaws or lack thereofs.”

New Story Kids
New Story is a non-profit working to create a world where no human lives in survival mode by providing one of life’s most basic needs – shelter. The organization has funded more than 2,000 homes for families in need in less than four years. Its 100% model ensures that every penny of each donation goes to build homes while organization overhead and R&D is covered by private donors such as Y Combinator, prominent venture capitalists, and other leading executives. The current $6,500 homes are built to last for generations and each donation is paired directly with a family so donors can see their impact. See more and donate at

New Story Porch
Blossey adds, “Please join Natalie and me and donate to our campaign today. We named our campaign “Every Family Deserves a Home” and we are $5,350 towards our goal of raising $6,500 to build a new home – with your help maybe even two! New Story will send 100% of your donation to build a new home and once the family moves in, they’ll send us a video so we know the exact impact we have.”

A common theme of the New Story project remains “For Locals, By Locals.” By training local workers and buying locally sourced construction materials, your donation will not only build a home, but it also stimulates local economies and teaches skills in the process.

New Story Running
New Story recently made headlines with the launch of a 3D printer, made possible through the support of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. It is the first permitted 3D printer to build homes in the developing world and is scheduled to start efficiently building safe homes in El Salvador soon. When it comes to framing and raising a new build, what once required hours of labor and a hefty budget can now be accomplished in less than a day for a sliver of the cost. Pairing technological advancements from Austin-based startup ICON with donations from partners like the Sotheby’s International Realty network, New Story has created a 3D printer capable of creating a home in just 12-24 hours for the low cost of $4,000 USD. Programmed to create the foundation and walls of the structure via a concrete-extruding printing apparatus, The Vulcan 3D printer produces single-story, 650-square-foot structures that represent a breakthrough in housing relief efforts worldwide. ICON co-founder Jason Ballard says 3D printing is something of a “unicorn technology” for the construction industry, singular in enabling faster, better, and cheaper projects to be completed with new creativity.

New Story Colors
“We are incredibly proud to help advance New Story’s mission to transform people’s lives by providing the foundation of life, a home,” says John Passerini, Global VP Interactive Marketing, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. “Their innovative approach to not only building homes but entire communities has already made an incredible difference for so many people and with their introduction of a 3D printer, they will be able to streamline the process like nobody has ever done before.”

New Story Jumping
While many families in have already begun their lives in new, traditionally-constructed homes made possible by New Story, more will soon receive a home in the world’s first ever 3D-printed community in El Salvador, and the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is proud to play a part in such a life-changing initiative. The 3D printer received significant media coverage including Architectural Digest, Fast Company, Wired, The Verge, PBS and BuzzFeed to name a few.

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