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Nicknamed the “gem of the Oregon Coast,” Yachats is a special place to own a home. Nestled between the ocean and forest, the town has natural beauty on every side. It has a warm, welcoming community with fun-loving residents and many quirky, locally-owned businesses. It’s small enough for everyone to remember your name, yet large enough for there to be regular festivals and events to enjoy.

Although people lived in the Yachats area long before the town was officially established, its fame didn’t really take off until the early 20th century. This was partly because the area was difficult to reach by car. Traveling on the local dirt roads was challenging or impossible in rainy weather, and even after the roads were macadamized, the trip was long.

Still, Yachats was charming enough to draw tourists already in 1905, when the first hotel was built in the town. The number of tourists visiting the community only grew after that. By the time the Roosevelt Memorial Highway (now called Highway 101) reached Yachats in 1931, the town was known for its beauty.

Tourism is now the main industry in Yachats. The town offers so much to enjoy that it’s become a favorite destination even for well-seasoned travelers like Arthur Frommer. It’s not only a perfect place to visit, though. Residents of Yachats are just as enthusiastic about the local events and unique natural beauty surrounding the town.

To get a feel for things to do and what Yachats has to offer, check out these local events, hiking trails, and places to eat and drink in town.


The following events are just a sample of the many activities that take place in Yachats every year. Visit the town website for more information about these events and more.

Yachats la de da Parade

This carefree parade is the way Yachats celebrates the Fourth of July. There’s a wide variety of participants, including belly dancers, an umbrella drill team, and a fire truck with Dalmatian miniature goats. Then, after the parade, there’s a race with rubber ducks in the Yachats estuary. Finally, at the end of the day, the city launches an incredible fireworks display over the ocean.

Music Festivals

Yachats is home to many music lovers. That’s why there’s a music festival both in July and November. For the summer festival, some of the best classical musicians in the world come together to play four concerts in the weekend. Then, in November, the Yachats Celtic Music Festival takes over the town. During this festival weekend, you can listen to performances by world-class Celtic musicians from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. You can also participate in a variety of workshops and learn how to do a Celtic dance or play a Celtic instrument like the Bodhran.

Yachats Village Mushroom Festival

Mushrooms are so popular in Yachats that they’ve created a festival just to celebrate everything related to mushrooms. Every October, experts in mycology come to the town to give presentations, put up exhibits, and lead walks in the forest. You can also take part in a workshop about growing mushrooms for cooking, or enjoy delicious mushroom-themed dishes at the restaurants in Yachats.

Hiking Trails

The coast around Yachats is stunning. The area was once covered in lava, which has created a shoreline of black basalt rock. Although you won’t find a lot of sand, there are many tide pools, crashing waves, and unusual rock formations like Thor’s Well and Devil’s Churn. Here are some of the best trails for seeing the unique natural beauty around Yachats.

804 Trail

This simple trail was likely a tribal footpath years ago. It runs along the western side of Yachats and passes by three state parks, the downtown area, and the beautiful rocky shoreline.

Amanda Trail

At the end of the 804 Trail, you can pick up this somewhat difficult 3.7-mile hike. It’ll bring you all the way to Cape Perpetua, with breathtaking viewpoints along the way.

Ya’Xaik Trail

For a shorter hike, take this 1.15-mile trail off of Highway 101. It wanders through a pretty forest and is connected to the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve, a lovely 3.5-acre garden of rhododendrons, old-growth trees, and exotic plants.

Food and Drink

Yachats is not only a great place for hiking and having fun, but also for eating out. Even with a relatively small population, Yachats has been able to keep up a good variety of eateries thanks to its strong tourism industry. Here are some places you might want to visit more than once.

Bread & Roses

To get the best baked goods at this café and bakery, make sure you show up early! Otherwise, you might miss out on their excellent Hippie Bread or Celestial Snail tarts.

Green Salmon Shoppe

If you’re a fan of locally-roasted coffee, here’s a coffee shop and local roaster you’ll want to check out.

Yachats Brewing

This brew pub is new to Yachats, but it already has several excellent beers and a strong following. Besides serving good food and locally-raised meat, the pub is also a great, cozy place to hang out with friends.

Drift Inn

This historic eatery is all about the atmosphere. There’s live music every evening, and the ceiling is covered in artistic, homemade umbrellas (all for sale).

Luna Sea Fish House

The Oregon Coast is known for its seafood, and this fisherman-run joint is no exception. You can get fresh fish and chips with bottomless tartar sauce, or buy a few pounds of fresh seafood to cook at home.

Ona Restaurant and Lounge

For special occasions, you can make a reservation at this upscale restaurant, which serves a variety of high-quality dishes, from grass-fed burgers to handmade pasta.

Interested in knowing more about Yachats and homes in the area? Visit our community page and contact a Cascade Sotheby’s real estate agent to get a personal tour of some beautiful places around Yachats!

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